Thew Associates provides clients with a cost saving non-destructive method of underground utility locating and mapping, which provides valuable data including; accurate location, size, depth and type of subsurface utilities. Thew Associates will ensure that you avoid costly down time and the potential negative impacts caused by the inadvertent compromise of existing subsurface utilities.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

  • ASCE Quality Levels B and A subsurface utility surveys
  • Subsurface utility tracing utilizing radio frequency (RF) devices
  • Subsurface utility identification utilizing ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Subsurface utility identification utilizing electromagnetic devices (EM)
  • Subsurface utility excavation utilizing vacuum excavators
  • Three-dimensional subsurface utility locating and mapping
  • Subsurface utility engineering training seminars

Concrete Investigation Surveys - GPR

  • Thickness of concrete and asphalt
  • Rebar spacing, pattern, and depth
  • Location of structural components and utilities
  • Delamination/corrosion potential
  • Void detection
  • Subbase material thickness


Land Surveying


Hydrographic Surveying


Subsurface Utility Engineering

Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning Services


Drone Services


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